Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Owl Tote Bag: An Artsy Crafty Babe Pattern

Finally completed this cute Owl Tote bag after its fair share of dilemma after dilemma. From finding the right lining, buying the wrong interfacing, an unserviced sewing machine and a missing interfaced piece. Hoot hoot! I just need the right button to suit it.

I altered an Artsy Crafty Babe's free Pleated Tote pattern for this tote, as I fell in love with the pleats on her little polka dotted tote! Only customization I made was the different coloured bottom part. So I cut a 3-inch high bottom piece. Would probably add 2 inches more to the bottom piece just so I could see more of it on the sides rather than the bottom. Loving the effect nonetheless!

I'd also add another inch to the hoop just so it'll be longer and my button would be better placed. After a rough estimation, the measurement provided in the pattern is a tad short for my liking and now my button would have to be higher placed, nearer to the edge.

Besides that, I over-estimated my unserviced machine's capability and realised that it couldn't really manage the heavy interfacing on both sides of the fabric AND the thick handles. Am proud of the fella for sticking through the project, albeit slowly (more like nearly dying) making its way through the thick material. Now hoping my friend would be as happy as I am with this little piece of work. 

And finally ending this entry with a photo of my little bag model helping Ibu (mummy) with the bag. Thank you baby! 

Much love,
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