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Well hello, hello, hello and welcome to 'Be Dzaltastic'.

My name is Akmal and I just love creating things with my hands. I have a fascination for crafting and doing DIY projects. Surprisingly, I noticed that learning something fun and new is a hobby I enjoy too. After becoming a mother and life settled down, I rekindled my love for sewing and started publishing my work on Instagram and Facebook. It's just all too exciting to learn new tips about this old handy craft.

I love being surrounded by fabric, especially beautifully printed designer fabric although it's very hard to find designer fabric locally here in Malaysia. Glad I have a son, cause a daughter would mean a bigger hole in the pocket when it comes to the fabric department.

After quitting my teaching career, working freelance in a design company and becoming a mom, I wasn't sure what I could write about. Nothing interesting ever happens to me anymore. Most of the time I'm at home and I figured that, "I'm not fashion forward, nor am I a foreigner in another country". What's interesting to write about me now?

I voiced this out to my blogger cousin and her respond? "What do you mean you don't have anything to write about?! You know a lot of things!" Hence, the concept of my blog, of knowledge sharing and the tagline 'Jane of Too Many Trades"! Cause really, I don't think I've mastered anything yet. I've either forgotten about the skill or I only learnt specific parts of it to really use it. Check out the list of what I've learnt before here.

So what does Dzaltastic mean? Dzaltastic is a combination of the word 'fantastic' and my son's name, Dzal Aidi, which means 'possess strength' in Arabic. So "Be Dzaltastic" is now my mantra, reminding me to be strong and positive about life especially when life is at it's lowest point. It's also about being thankful of everything given to me.

Previously, I wrote in my wedding blog, Binary Interlude, but after a year hiatus from blogging to concentrate on my baby boy, my mind and fingers have been itching to type again. From the start, Binary Interlude was created mainly to record and engrave our historic moments, so I wouldn't want to tarnish it with non-weddingy memories. So here we are at a brand new journal! But feel free to drop by the old blog to find wedding DIY ideas.

Now, this new minty-smelling blog is dedicated to my motherhood as well as my love for learning and sewing. Thank you Allah for the existence of Google and making self learning achievable!

- Rumi (Source)

Hope you enjoy my writing and if you're a sewist too, leave me a hello in one of the comments!

Much love,
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