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It was just recently that I realise, I don't just have one particular hobby. Learning is something I'm passionate about. I enjoy filling up my time with learning new things and making things with my hands. But my obsession fabric and the hum of the sewing machine just gets to me and relaxes me.

Below is a short list of trades I've either self taught or learnt from others I've met along my life journey. I do not claim a master of them, nor am I an expert in any these field, the basics have definitely lead me to better understand each craft and it's with Allah that I thank for providing me with the skills to learn.

Cross stitch
One of the my early love for intricate craft. Used to cross stitch under my table when the teacher was teaching...haha. Yes I was that crazy for craft! One of my early handmade products was a cross stitched glass case. Cross stitching is and will always be one of my first craft love.

Started beading when I was in high school. It was sort of a trend back then to bead on Aida cloth and create an image based on a chart given. Somewhat like cross stitching but with little shiny bits! It was then that friends duped me as someone who enjoys making little minute things.

Adobe Illustrator Designing
My brother majored in industrial design and I was interested to learn about this software while I was studying in Aussie. There's just always something new to learn about this software. I started off with simple logo designs and now I rely on it for most of my designing needs!

Photoshop Designing
Photoshop was a bit trickier for me than Illustrator. Still getting used to it and one of my final PS outcomes was a Lookbook for Akiko Inc.
Blogger Designing 
I started blogging on and off since 2006 and being me, I wanted a blog that fit me! I modified an existing basic blogger template and learnt to read HTML along the way

Wordpress Woocommerce
I'm still grappling with CSS language but while creating a website for an online business, Woocommerce seemed to be the easiest choice and cost efficient. It took a while to understand but I'm quite glad I overcame the learning curve of that one!

I took a semester of Photomedia during my studies. Unfortunately, is still not my strongest subject and I've probably forgot nearly everything I learnt in that course. So I have thus resorted to keeping my point and shoot camera, cause really, I don't really use all my camera functions.

Stopmotion video
Taught myself to stitch photos together to enter a video contest back in 2008. Happy to report, I won the category I was in and brought back the grand prize. Can't seem to find the winning entry on youtube though, I believe it might be due to Google+'s account shifting. Will link it when I find it!

Photo source here

Source here, contest details here my winning entry here

This was the first music instrument I fell in love with. Learnt a few songs from a friend in secondary school and the basic music theory helped me survive my short years of teaching music and dance in a primary school.

A guitar has always been around the house or my room. I chose songs I remembered the lyrics to and searched the net for guitar chords. Still struggling at recalling my basic chords but those few songs were enough for me to enjoy the instrument.

Took free lessons with my college's music lecturer to sharpen my coordination. Unfortunately, the only beat I remember today is the basic beat. So no, don't expect me to give you an imaginary drum roll anytime soon.

This little creature is my current favourite. Learnt to play it while my son was in my stomach and love watching my son's excitement when ever he strums on it. Easy to carry around and even easier to play. Just four main chords and you can play so many songs. I just love learning through Youtube!

Majored in it for 6 years before finally graduating with a TEFL degree from Australia. Was continuing my post grad in Linguistics when life suddenly came in the way. Sigh. Still not a master of any. InsyAllah, pray that one day I'll be able to continue this.

Had a Chinese friend from Mainland China during my student days in Australia who taught me some basic Mandarin. The attempt was there, however the lessons didn't last long as she moved out and we rarely met up after that.

Took a 6 months course in 2009 at ICLS before deciding to continue my studies. Didn't manage to complete my Kanji lessons, so I'm still stuck at only reading Hiragana and Katakana and missed my JLPT by a few months.

Baby Sign Language / American Sign Language (ASL)
When Little Aidi was 3 months old, we decided that teaching him actions together with words would help strength his vocabulary acquisition. While I was at it, I decided to take a short beginner ASL course online at Signing Online and it opened up my eyes to whole new word. At one time I even responded back to a con man who pretended to be deaf. Ho yeah!

There you go, the skills part of my CV all in a single page. Haha..looking back at this list has somewhat boost my morale of now being a stay at home mom. It's made me realise that I've accomplished quite a bit before reaching the big 3-0. Looking forward to adding more things to this little list of mine. To infinity and beyond!

Updated as of 12/2/14

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