Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cross stitching with The Frosted Pumpkin

While cleaning the house today I found my old set of cross stitch thread and found the urge to start on a cross stitch project (again!). Haha..never managed to complete my last project cause I made my own pattern from a photo of my uni friends and I lost the pattern somewhere in my hard drive. Note to self, next time, please email yourself the pattern or print a hard copy of the custom made pattern.

And it's oh so pretty too. Shame that I can't finish it now :(

Wellll..moving on. I have an image of a cute design of Elsa of Disney's Frozen in my head but will need more time to think of the design and probably share a pattern on the blog. While browsing for more ideas, I stumbled upon this cute cross stitch pattern website/shop: The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Their patterns are oh too cute. Their whole concept is on creating kawaii cross stitch designs. Kawaii da ne!

I've downloaded one of their freebies on Kitschy Digital and now I just need new Aida cloth. Oh and maybe some new thread as well. Cause really, you rarely can find cute cross stitching patterns and granny designs are just too dull. I'd probably purchase their monthly sampler too. Not too late to join in on the 2014 fun on Instagram #onceuponatimesampler #thefrostedpupmkinstitchery. Been browsing the hashtags and am giddy with excitement.

Image from their Big Cartel and don't forget to read Amanda's (the co-owner's) blog too!

It's a one time purchase cross stitch pattern where they'll email a new pattern every month so you can add on the design to create a larger piece of tapestry. This'll also help motivate me to cross stitch more frequently  The theme just came at the right time too cause I've been feeling a little bit disney-ish lately, I blame watching Frozen for this (>.<)

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Monday, January 27, 2014

My first time with knit fabric

Received my little pack of sewing stuff and fabric from Japan a while back. Happy happy as can be!

It's been super hard to find cute knit fabric in Malaysia, so was looking forward to get these knit fabric for the little one (If you do know of a place, please tell me and I'd forever be grateful >.<). Couldn't personally choose the fabric patterns but I asked for boyish designs from my relative who was coming back from Japan, just so I could make something for Aidi.

I was expecting a thinner type of knit, more t-shirt like, but I love the designs nonetheless. Was informed that they had cute girly designs but I still don't have a little girl to splurge my money on and part of the fun is making stuff for my baby. To be on the safe side, I only bought 1 meter of each design and my first knit project was a simple 'shorts' project.

My first impression of knit? The heavier weight of the fabric made serging (jahit tepi) easy. Yet, when the edges rolled up, I came to realise why the shape of the footer was in the shape of an L. To unravel the rolled edge causing it to travel flat under the needle.

I don't know about you but I found it much easier to serge twice. The first stitches helped bind the fabric thus no more edge rolls on the second round. Made this in about 15 minutes! Inserted the elastic band for the waist and my boy now has his own knit shorts. Ta daa! 

Hubby came home and was jealous of the little pumpkin's shorts and demanded one for him too. Well, will have to see what I can whip up next with the fabric I have left.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey hey new bloggie!


Ahhhh...The smell of a new abode. 2014, a new year, a fresh new blog and new resolutions. After finally settling my motherhood and dusting off my old wedding blog, I've finally decided to take the time to take a breather and spend more 'me' time. Having start off my Instagram account to document my sewing journey, I realised that I needed an outlet to spill out words and to arrange my thoughts too.

Coming out with a new direction for this blog wasn't as easy as starting a wedding blog. I wanted to keep our wedding blog a keepsake, thus using it to record my personal journey post-marriage was not something I intended to do. Hence, the new blog. This time, it's just about me! Well, maybe more of my child. And maybe my husband too...once in a while. Well, yeah, they're part of me, so I'd probably have to let them run loose in the blog as well.

Thank you Google+ for making my gif photos for me and making my photos 'awesomer'!

But definitely expect more things on my hobby of learning new things, especially on sewing and DIY projects. Sewing is now another love of my life and taking tailoring orders from friends is always fun, fun, fun! I might not get sewing gadgets or fabric as nice or current as those in other countries, but hey, we'll see what I can make out of things we have laying around this part of the globe ey?

So, take your time, stay a while and make yourself at home.

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