Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Freebie: Arabic Alphabet Printable Flashcards for Toddlers

As a Muslim, the Arabic language is an essential part of the religion, so I've been introducing Aidi to the basic Arabic letters at this young age. Currently Aidi's at word vomit stage and will imitate a lot of words and sounds we say. He's been counting up to 4 and jumping straight to number 10 and finger spelling his ABCs so now seems to be the right time to get him used to these unique letters.

I made this set of colourful printable flashcards (with little arrows for writing directions) and would love to share them with you (click the download button below) This download is only up to the letter seen س and I'll upload the other letters soonish.

One way to use these flashcards would be to let your toddler follow the arrows using their fingers. This will encourage their fine motor skills as well! Sometimes, I'd take little pompom balls and let Aidi arrange them according to the letters. He loves that too. You could even print 2 copies of each letter and play matching games with your kids. Too many fun ways to use them. Laminate them for durability! 

If you've printed them out, tell me how you use them, or better yet, share them with me on Instagram by tagging @dzaltastic and #dzaltastic cause I'd love to see little hands using these.

Much love,

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