Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paperlove Blog Hop: Miniature Kite Wau. Wow!

I've been a fan of paper for the longest time. Yes, paper! The colour of vibrant printed wrapping paper, the smell of old books and the sound of crinkling torn paper. I've been fascinated with it's capabilities to transform from such a simple two sided sheet to anything creatively imagined. That's why I love making printables and decided to take part in this bloghop! 

I love how they can be intricately cut, folded into 3 dimensional objects or even as mere entertainment for an inquisitive little boy.

So for my Paperlove Blog Hop, I ended up reminiscing on my past art classes in primary school and recalled one paper project that was often a hit among the students. It was kite making! And not any ordinary kite. Our traditional kite, the Malaysian kite. The Wau!

With help from my little sidekick, I decided to make a miniature Wau as a tribute to the Paperlove Blog Hop. Made out of coloured paper, glitter paper, wooden sticks, thread and some beads.

The International Kite Festival 2014 happened just recently in the country last January. Sad I couldn't make it but I heard that there were some pretty impressive kites. So this came just in time!

Photo credited to my friend's husband, Joon Ming Photography, who has some pretty impressive photos of the event

The Wau is famous for it's intricate design and size. It's known as the biggest type of kite, measuring about 3.5 meters from head to tail. Aging more than a hundred years old, Wau flying has been a favourite past time for harvesters from the rural (kampung) areas. Creative people!

It's beautiful how people from all around the world interpret the use of paper and produce something amazing out of it. There are so many types of kites, from all parts of the world, all because a thin piece of paper can carry different meaning from one person to another. Come celebrate PAPER with us through this bloghop and visit other paper lovers (below) who have blogged about their love for this one piece wonder.

Now, what about you? What have you made out of paper today? 

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