Friday, March 7, 2014

Freebie: Frozen's Olaf & Sven Yogurt Pot Dolls Printables

I'm a big big fan of Frozen and their song 'Let It Go' has been playing on auto-loop in my head. I've been seeing a lot of Disney's Frozen things recently and decided to jump on board the bandwagon. So I decided to make Olaf and Sven YoPots (yogurt pot) dolls for Aidi to play. We slid them down a pre-made slide using some books and had a yopot race. Weee!

Now here you go, a free printable from us so you can have as much fun. Download it, print it out and make these cheap easy toys for your little ones.

Would love to see the finished product so send me a photo at dzaltastic [at] gmail [dot] com or share it with me on Instagram @dzaltastic #yopots #dzaltasticyopots

Much love, 
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*This printable is only an art inspired and I am no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company. All copyrights are property of Disney.
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