Friday, March 14, 2014

Fastest way to make a GIF image

I love GIF images and love them even more when my son's in it! Videos take too long and hey, if people don't have the time they'd probably skip the play button. It didn't take long to make my GIFs, in fact, I only took the photos using my smart phone and copied the links to share them.

So here's what I would normally do. Photos from my Android phone are automatically updated using Google+'s Auto Backup. So whenever I want a GIF image, I would take multiple continuous photos of my son in action. Now don't lie, but I know you must have loads of photos like that, especially when they're moving photos and you're just hoping that one of them would be clear enough to be shared on Facebook. Now you have a reason to do so!

After taking about 3 to 5 photos, I'll wait a few minutes and I'll have a notification on my smartphone saying my image are already backed up and there are a few photos being made Awesome. Check those Auto-Awesome images on your G+ account and enjoy photos of your baby taking his first few steps. This was Aidi's:

Here's another effect by Auto-Awesome. Multiple similar photos made awesome with frames.
I've also gotten the same effect whenever I upload multiple continuous photo from my digital camera to G+ like this one:

If you're using an Iphone, you'd probably want to install the G+ app on your phone to use this function. Tell me how it went, would love to know!

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