Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How I Made the Snap Clutch Handbag Purse

I've been keeping this set of Korean Imported fabric for a while now. Ordered it directly from Korea from a friend of mine. Been waiting for the right time to use it. And it came. Yes it did! For someone extremely important in my life. (Will update more on that once I give the bag to her!)

Now, I'm no purse maker. This was my first time buying a metal snap frame and I just wasn't sure how to do it. Luckily, there's the internet and I found this wonderful tutorial at Guthrie & Ghani. I started off by making a pattern for the frame since mine measured bigger than in the tute.

The frame I bought measured about 10 inches across and I wanted it to be 6 inches deep. Normally I'd go all experimente and just cut the fabric without making a dummy, but this fabric was just too pretty to make any mistakes and I only had fat quarters of each material. So I carefully cut out my pattern using some remnant linen and once I was satisfied, cut out all the pieces for the purse. I also added some batting and interfacing to give the purse some body.

I coaxed hubs to get me some fabric/metal glue cause that was the one thing I left out. Duh! Luckily he can never say no to a trip to the hardware store. Once I got the glue, I secured the completed purse body to the metal frame. It took me a while to get use to gluing the fabric into place. Plus, the glue didn't come with a nozzle so I had to use a wooden stick to get the glue in the right place. Cloth pegs and paper clips came in real handy at certain places. The purse turned out so pretty once the glue set that now I feel like I need to make another one for myself. 

Credit goes to hubs for getting me the glue and to my little wear and tear tester. Yes, mummy makes things with her hands and you destroy them with your little ones. We make a great team baby! 

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