Friday, February 28, 2014

Freebie: Mickey & Minnie Yogurt Pot Dolls

I've been having this dilemma. We have too many yogurt pots by the sink!

So today we made full use of a couple of pots and turned them into Mickey and Minnie Yo-Pots (haha...I crack myself up). Click the download button below for your own Mickey and Minnie Yo-Pot Dolls!

You'll just need a couple of yogurt pots, a colored printer (or black and white will do since Mickey and Minnie are mostly in b&w, except for her bow), scissors and glue. Acrylic paint is optional of course.

An easy, simple and a quick way to entertain that little toddler of yours. I'll probably make a few more soon, keep an eye out by subscribing!

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