Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FREEBIE: Printable Doughnut Floss Organizer

When you're making a yearly sampler, I found out that it's extremely necessary to be organised. I only needed 2 strands of floss for each colour. What do I do with the
rest of the thread? I can't just throw it away! Will be needing it to complete the sampler and we've been advised to be really frugal with our thread. I'd totally hate it if I'd have to buy a whole skein when I only require an arm's length of floss. Here's how I was keeping my unused floss before:

I used stiff board and punched holes in it. But then I decided to inject a little bit of kawaii goodness and tadaa! A free printable cute floss organizer for my readers, just cause I've been dreaming of doughnuts lately.

There are 10 shaded circles to punch holes on each doughnut and shaded rectangles to write down the thread code. You can download the file by clicking on the download button below:


Would love to see your work with my little doughnut friends here, so if you're on Instagram, don't forget to share by hashtaging #donutorganizer and tag me @dzaltastic.

Much love,
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