Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cross stitch buttons + Free Pattern

Saw this tutorial on My Poppet and thought it would be so cool to cross stitch little buttons for Aidi's travel bag.

So got out all my supplies. I have had this button maker for months now and only used a few for a past project. Bought it at Daiso for only RM5. Woowee!

Check out the original tutorial here

My buttons are bigger in dimension than Cintia's buttons and I wanted to make initials for the bag, so I decided to draft my own letter patterns. You could either use download Cintia's patterns or download my alphabet samplers here if you'd like stitch letters.

I pencilled in my button sizes and marked a cross in the middle to remind myself where I wanted to start sewing.

Half an hour later (yup, love fast and easy DIYs), I cut those circles out and centered my design in the plastic button case.

Pressed in the metal buttons and wallah! Cross stitched buttons!

Have fun making this! Xoxo
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