Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embroidery Project Bag Tutorial and Pattern

Weee...time for another tutorial!

I was pretty much inspired by an Instagram acquaintance @treadofhearts who made a project bag to put all her cross stitching stuff. I fell in love with the idea, made a bag with an embroidery panel to later stitch a design on and decided to share my work process. Change the measurements a bit and it can even work as an easy Ipad soft case.

You'll need:
A sewing machine
Fabric for the outer
Fabric for the lining
A small piece of Embroidery Fabric (You could either use linen or even Aida cloth)
Rotary Cutter/Scissors
Button (Optional)

First download my printable pattern here:

It's a scaled pattern, so please don't cut it up and use it to trace your fabric, cause really, you'd only manage to fit in bread crumbs in it. Use the stated measurement to cut up your fabric for a 12 inch x 12 inch final product bag.

Next, baste the batting to the lining fabric. You could even use fusible batting for this.

To start off, you're going to prepare the first panel of the bag. This is the part with the embroidery fabric for you to embroider or cross stitch your own pattern on the bag.

Arrange piece B (Linen) and D together with both fabric patterns sandwiching the linen. Straight stitch the sides leaving a 1/2 inch allowance.

Do the same on the other side of the linen.

After you've sewn the sides, fold the fabric outwards and press. Now you have a long piece of fabric which is the middle part of the bag.

Now take a set of piece A and sandwich the long piece with the patterns facing inwards. Straight stitch the edge, fold outwards and press.

The same goes for the bottom half of the panel.

Once you're pressed the fabric outwards, your front panel will look something like this.

Then, take a set of piece A and D, align them together and straight stitch the longer side of the pieces.

Top stitch these pieces and you already have your 3 panels to complete the bag.

Arrange the pieces together with the smaller piece in between the bigger pieces. Straight stitch a square around the pieces and zigzag or serge the fraying edges.

Finally, flip the bag inside out. You can secure a button on the flap, but I'm still searching for the right button to complete mine. For the time being, a buttonless bag will do to hold my current project.

And yay! You're done. Now go find a cute design to stitch on the front panel of the bag, or maybe just create your own pattern.

Good luck with the bag and don't forget to share it with me on Instagram @dzaltastic.

Much love, 
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