Sunday, February 16, 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

This little earless blue cat is a childhood cartoon. Hubby and I both grew up watching him take out magical inventions from a pocket on his tummy since we were little and we Aidi got excited when we bought the tickets from Mydeal for this 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the deal. I bought them for RM25.20 per adult (instead of RM28) but when I got there they stated that the tickets were RM25! Even the expo website says the tickets are RM25. So if you're planning to visit, just go and buy them at the expo counter.

Details of the expo are as below:

Duration: 14th December 2013 - 23rd March 2014
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: Viva Home Exhibition Hall 1 & 2 (KL)
Ticket Price: RM25 (adult) and RM15 (child)

Here's their little ticket counter, but since we already bought ours through Mydeals, we could just jump the (ermm..) queue and enter.

The expo starts of with a little time warp tunnel and we heard husband's first cry of Japanese since a longggg time "どこでもどあ!" (which means "Dokodemo door!"), sometimes I forget he has another language lingering in his trilingual brain of his. I must admit I never knew the name of that door. Only called it "Pintu Ajaib" (Malay for Magical Door). So this expo was definitely informative.

Then at the end, they had a merchandise area where you could buy Doraemon stuff and a gaming area where you could win stuffed Doraemon merchandise (talk about being Japanese).

And they even had a little Doraemon cafe where you could get Dorayaki and Doraemon's Memory Bread. We just bought the Ice Cream Dorayaki for around RM7 each. Durian and chocolate flavour. Yum!

This random fella looks mighty happy to be leaving the expo with his purchases, so decided it's a worthy final photo for this entry. We were expecting real inventions but the expo was a fun place for photo taking and family outings. Now looking forward to Doraemon, The Movie which will be coming out soon. So till next time Doraemon and trusty sidekick, Nobita, Little Aidi will be reading the comics soon enough :)

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