Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cross stitching with The Frosted Pumpkin

While cleaning the house today I found my old set of cross stitch thread and found the urge to start on a cross stitch project (again!). Haha..never managed to complete my last project cause I made my own pattern from a photo of my uni friends and I lost the pattern somewhere in my hard drive. Note to self, next time, please email yourself the pattern or print a hard copy of the custom made pattern.

And it's oh so pretty too. Shame that I can't finish it now :(

Wellll..moving on. I have an image of a cute design of Elsa of Disney's Frozen in my head but will need more time to think of the design and probably share a pattern on the blog. While browsing for more ideas, I stumbled upon this cute cross stitch pattern website/shop: The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Their patterns are oh too cute. Their whole concept is on creating kawaii cross stitch designs. Kawaii da ne!

I've downloaded one of their freebies on Kitschy Digital and now I just need new Aida cloth. Oh and maybe some new thread as well. Cause really, you rarely can find cute cross stitching patterns and granny designs are just too dull. I'd probably purchase their monthly sampler too. Not too late to join in on the 2014 fun on Instagram #onceuponatimesampler #thefrostedpupmkinstitchery. Been browsing the hashtags and am giddy with excitement.

Image from their Big Cartel and don't forget to read Amanda's (the co-owner's) blog too!

It's a one time purchase cross stitch pattern where they'll email a new pattern every month so you can add on the design to create a larger piece of tapestry. This'll also help motivate me to cross stitch more frequently  The theme just came at the right time too cause I've been feeling a little bit disney-ish lately, I blame watching Frozen for this (>.<)

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