Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey hey new bloggie!


Ahhhh...The smell of a new abode. 2014, a new year, a fresh new blog and new resolutions. After finally settling my motherhood and dusting off my old wedding blog, I've finally decided to take the time to take a breather and spend more 'me' time. Having start off my Instagram account to document my sewing journey, I realised that I needed an outlet to spill out words and to arrange my thoughts too.

Coming out with a new direction for this blog wasn't as easy as starting a wedding blog. I wanted to keep our wedding blog a keepsake, thus using it to record my personal journey post-marriage was not something I intended to do. Hence, the new blog. This time, it's just about me! Well, maybe more of my child. And maybe my husband too...once in a while. Well, yeah, they're part of me, so I'd probably have to let them run loose in the blog as well.

Thank you Google+ for making my gif photos for me and making my photos 'awesomer'!

But definitely expect more things on my hobby of learning new things, especially on sewing and DIY projects. Sewing is now another love of my life and taking tailoring orders from friends is always fun, fun, fun! I might not get sewing gadgets or fabric as nice or current as those in other countries, but hey, we'll see what I can make out of things we have laying around this part of the globe ey?

So, take your time, stay a while and make yourself at home.

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