Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Buying US Imported Designer Cotton Fabric in Malaysia

Amy Butler, Ann Kelle, Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry. You've read and heard them all online and yes, consumed by jealousy over those gorgeous prints on craft blogs from overseas. Here's where I bring you the happy news, there are shops in Malaysia that carry those designers as well!

There are plenty of shops selling printed cotton somewhat similar to these fabric designs and cost cheaper. But really, once you're seen, felt and bought these designer fabrics of high quality, there's no turning back! Colours are more vibrant with unique patterns and thicker in weight. Currently priced at about RM40-RM50 per yard (about 10 cm less than a meter)

Here's a little list of my places to go to quench my designer cotton thirst.

Checkout that selection of chevron fabric =D

1. Yee Button SS2 Petaling Jaya
They do have a facebook page and you're able to buy online but I personally love to drop by their brightly lit fabric and craft shop just cause it inspires me! They even sell fat quarters of those fabrics, pricing about RM10 a piece. This is also your go to place to buy Minky fabric and also cashel fabric for cross stitching!

2. Shambijoux Shop
This little lady from Terengganu has quite an extensive imported cotton catalogue on her site and one of my favourite shops cause there are just too many choices and yo can even ask her if she has those not on the list. But she normally takes pre-orders and it takes about 2 weeks for the stuff to arrive. That's when I drop by other places on my list.

3. Fabric Fanatics
Situated in Subang Summit, this is the go to place to get loads of craft supplies and even attend classes like book binding and bad making. They normally have zakka fabric (Japanese feel fabrics) but are bringing in the big ones like Ann Kelly and Michael Miller.

4. D'Amani Cotton Therapy
Visit or for a list of their fabric supplies

5. Cottage Patch, Ampang
Across Ampang Point. This is a really old establishment and has a really big collection of fabric on hand. It may remind you of your granny's place but you really need to stay a while and take out fabrics one at a time to really see its treasures. Not sure if you can find recent designers there, but it's a great place for quilters an fabric lovers!

So there you are, a list of my suggested places to shop for designer cotton fabric. If you know more places, I'd love to know where. Always on the search for new fabric places.

P/S: Good news is, I'm in dealing to bringing in juicy imported Korean Designer fabric soon. So stay tuned by subscribing to my blog or on my Instagram @dzaltastic OR my facebook page :)

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